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Gallery Artists

Marc-Antoine Goulard

“I have complex and lifelong ties to expressive media and abstract artistic forms. Trained as a concert musician, my knowledge of jazz composition provided the platform for my transition into the visual arts and my expression as a painter. My work is dependent on design fundamentals: form, color, and composition, and I believe the most complex emotions can be evoked from the simplest forms. My style explores the intimate relationship between nature, art, and modernist ideas in musical composition. On a material level, there is an innate rhythm to my process. Birchwood panels are meticulously prepped using three coats of water-based glue and two coats of gesso to provide a rich surface texture. The physical act of applying paint with trowel and knife in very fine layers, and then manipulating it on the panel’s surface, works to reveal a natural harmony between tool and medium. I draw inspiration for my paintings directly from nature; rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, I aim to express its energy and essence. Where some people see places and things, I am stimulated by light, form, and emotional response to my surroundings. Sometimes my paintings contain elements that are almost recognizable, although I often make the decision to obscure certain attributes, pushing the final image further toward abstraction. The varying colors and subtle network of shadows and light that are revealed through the layers project a sense of atmosphere and tension that draws the viewer into the mystical and mysterious. At this point, it is my hope that what begins as a visual experience transcends to a deeper emotional journey. “

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