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Netta Carey

My work is a visual exploration of the world of my experience. I am looking for the perfect balance of colour, line and texture which may capture a moment in time. This moment then comes alive when it is seen and resonates with you, the viewer; then there is a sharing of something, an understanding, a connection is made. This is no different to the life we all lead; we build, maintain and care for our relationships, we are simultaneously both connected and looking for connection. Following a traditional four year art school training and an initial career in graphic design, I began to paint in oils and acrylics and then began a second career as a painter and abstract artist. The resulting work culminated in two solo shows with a London gallery, in 2013 and 2018, and I now have collectors in both the UK and overseas. I live between North Wales and Morocco and also work from my studio in Oxford. My paintings are illustrative milestones on a journey I have taken looking inward, not outward; in this sense the lack of a subject can be just the point. My belief is that abstract work can only succeed when the traditional lessons of drawing, colour and composition have been learnt and practiced until they become second nature. The subtlety of why a painting has integrity will not necessarily be obvious; its appeal will often lie in the hidden depths of authenticity. "I am actively seeking a moment of stillness, looking for that moment when there is complete balance in the silence, where instinct and understanding coexist, where we can then meet.” Netta Carey 2019

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